Moss & Lam art studio was established in 1987 by Deborah Moss and her partner Edward Lam. As the lines between art and design are increasingly blurred, Moss & Lam can be considered artistic problem solvers. They create art and objects that appeal to our instinctual yen for things that are imaginative, whimsical and authentic.

Since 1987 Moss & Lam have worked autonomously and collaboratively with some of the world’s finest designers to create art installations, furniture and accessories for both international luxury brands in the hotel and restaurant industries as well as private residences. Their work seamlessly merges digital and hand-crafted techniques. It draws on mythical and personal narratives, while prompting contemporary visions. Hovering between many conventions, their work delights and enhances our experiences with visual poetry.


Moss and Lam focuses on the entire design process from initial concepts, sample creation, in-house fabrication and installation. Clients include architects and interior designers who are looking for artistic enrichment of projects often located in semi-public spaces such as hotel lobbies, restaurants, department stores, and boutiques.

Moss & Lam’s works range from large-scale, wall-mounted finishes to spatial installations such as mobiles or sculptural furniture.  In order to make their customers’ ideas and wishes reality, the company has a team of some 15 artists, craftspeople and technicians – who are able to implement even the most complex or technical projects.  Normally using a wide range of materials including plaster, paint, ceramic and glass, their studio also makes use of wood, leather and textile materials. Geographically, Moss & Lam’s projects are distributed throughout Canada and the USA, as well as Asia and Europe.

Artistic vision:

Deborah Moss is as a Canadian artist who creates in two artistic modes: personal and commercial.

Her personal artwork draws on inspiration from a broad range of epochs and cultures. She explores the qualities of surface and the purity and substance of material. Her fascination with the intimate nature of treasured possessions, as well as an interest in mythical and personal narratives, allow her to create contemporary visions that hover between many conventions, but always fascinate and enhance our experience with visual poetry.

Her commercial art created in the Moss and Lam studio uses her broad artistic and stylistic vocabulary to beautify spaces. Applied art in its most literal sense, it strives more to meet decorative and atmospheric demands than it does functional necessities. The diversity of materials and techniques reveals Moss and Lam’s versatility, its passion for materials and its desire to create artworks that are imaginative, whimsical and authentic.

Previous work includes: Four Seasons Hotels in Toronto, Orlando, Tokyo, Bangalore, Shanghai, Delhi, W Hotel Times Square, Guangzhou, Editions Waikiki, Opus Condo Hong Kong, Tiffany in New York, Macau, Jakarta, Lane Crawford Department stores in Shanghai and Hong Kong, as well as Blue Fin Restaurant, Café Coco Kuwait, and Clement Restaurant in Peninsula Hotel NYC. Public art commissions include Kitchener Public Library for the city of Kitchener, and Kipling Acres Retirement home for the City of Toronto.